Workshops & Lectures

Individually or as a duo, we offer lectures, workshops and training programs for organizations and events. Here is a selection of existing offers. We are also happy to develop individual offers on request.

The ultimate decision booster (workshop with Cini & Johannes)

One of the biggest challenges facing creative high performers today is smart decision making. Instead, creatives can spend a long time mulling over decisions or feeling stuck - a state that has little in common with creative freedom and mental health. That's why FTQ! has developed the "ultimate decision booster": 3 simple tools to help creatives make more efficient and faster decisions that feel good. All 3 tools, which work on both a physical and mental level, are presented in an entertaining and inspiring way and practiced together with the participants.

Stress down | energy up (2.5 h workshop with Cini)

This workshop offers the ideal introduction to the world of stress reduction through mindfulness and meditation. In addition to imparting knowledge about how the nervous system works, practical exercises and various meditations will be guided. The workshop is suitable for both meditation newbies and practitioners who would like to gain background knowledge about the effects of mindfulness and meditation.

Stress down | Energy up (3-month program with Cini)

This online program turns stress reduction into sustainable success! In alternating knowledge and training units, participants learn theoretical knowledge, reflection tasks and physical exercises to regulate the nervous system and reduce stress. Short video calls lasting a maximum of 30 minutes motivate participants to continuously participate in the program. This in turn leads to sustainable implementation in everyday life and long-term health benefits for the participants. In the knowledge units, basic connections between stress and health are explained and illustrated with practical exercises. The training units include physical exercises and meditation. Participants gain peace, relaxation, clarity and a greater flow of energy. This in turn has a positive effect on participants' health as well as their communication and innovation skills.