What is mental coaching?

Mental coaching or mental training refers to a variety of psychological methods that aim to promote emotional and social competence, cognitive abilities, resilience, self-confidence, mental strength or well-being in order to bring the coachee to his or her highest potential, the greatest possible match of inner resources and needs with external circumstances.

Mental coaching means that I actively listen to you and mirror your mental processes and patterns and train you not to take them for granted, but to decide for yourself what you want to feel.

What does a mental coaching session look like?

  • I open and hold spaces for you in which you can be without judgment and I, as your active listener, mirror you and your patterns respectfully and empathically
  • In this way, we identify your patterns and automated behavioral sequences and question their meaning
  • We train you how to empower yourself in the face of these automated processes and how to align your life with what is good for you
  • You learn how your mental processes work and why "the thinker in you thinks and the evidencer proves"
  • You learn why emotions are suggestions and not fixed behavioral commands and we train together how to use this knowledge to your advantage
  • Together we will create a mental toolbox and an instruction manual for you, which you can use to proactively modulate your life: Sustainably, powerfully and effectively!

Who is mental coaching suitable for?

My services are aimed at people with a need for reorientation and transformation. A great deal of suffering often arises when inner needs do not match external circumstances. This manifests itself in symptoms such as:

  • Exhaustion, excessive stress, burnout prevention
  • Disturbing behavior patterns
  • Disorientation
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Suffering and fears
  • Depression
  • Somatic complaints

Why mental coaching?

Whether you are stuck in a creative, professional or personal impasse or are looking for a way out of a stressful situation, I firmly believe that your greatest potential for self-healing and self-realization lies within yourself. And it often takes a break from the daily grind and hamster wheel to realize this.

This is exactly why I am at your disposal with my own experience, my expertise and my skills. I provide you with the knowledge and train with you the skills you need to be able to shape your life freely and self-empowered again.