Welcome to Free The Qi!
Mental and somatic coaching

We support creative high performers on their way to their full potential, so that they can realize their talents and abilities with courage and authenticity.

Hello, we are Cini and Johannes from Free The Qi!

Our heart beats for Mental Health Empowerment. We offer our coachees help for self-help and train them to strengthen their mental health in a self-effective and sustainable way, thereby enabling them to access their full creative power.

Transformative bodywork, energy tapping, trauma tapping, workshops and training courses on stress reduction

Psychotherapy, mental coaching, burn-out prevention, speaker on mental health and well-being

We’ve been there and we walk the talk.

As DJs, club operators, tour managers, bookers, artist managers and creative producers, we have been actively involved in the vibrant life of the techno city of Berlin since the 1990s. We spent our nights on the dancefloor and our days booking DJs around the world, organizing tours, film shoots and exhibitions and creating an ideal environment for our artists to perform creatively. After our personal and professional reorientation in midlife, our paths came together again in 2020 and we founded Free The Qi! Today, we work as coaches and therapists, bringing our years of experience in the creative industry together with our professional expertise to our work with creative high performers.

We support them on their path to their full potential, so that they can make bold and authentic use of their talents and abilities.



Free The Qi! in full effect

At Free The Qi! we combine mental and somatic coaching in a unique way: We both work with you as a team and identify your mental, emotional and physical patterns and processes. Wir trainieren mit dir, wie du dich von diesen automatisierten Abläufen befreist, limitierende Gewohnheiten überwindest und so dein volles Potenzial aktiv ausschöpfst.

Thanks to our innovative and holistic approach, you will achieve your goals faster, more effectively and more sustainably than in many conventional programs.





That's what our coachees say

Our body-mind-soul coaching is just right for you if

  • you are overwhelmed by the growing management tasks and your workload
  • you feel torn between two planks and it's sapping your energy, such as art vs. commerce, self-doubt vs. permission, creative freedom vs. financial security or career vs. family life
  • you suspect that some of your talents and skills are lying dormant and an inner voice is calling out: "There is more!"
  • you want to get to know your full potential and realize it courageously and authentically

You want to get started right away?

Then we're giving you the Free The Qi! Decision Booster! Learn how to make quick and efficient decisions that feel good for you with 3 simple tools.


Sounds exciting? Then we look forward to getting to know you!