Somatic Coaching & Embodiment

What is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic coaching is like training to increase body awareness. The coachee learns to become more aware of his or her body, to pay attention to physical changes that become apparent in challenging situations or that have developed over the course of an overwhelming period of time and to let go of them.

If restrictive physical reactions are allowed to go, the body has more energy that can be used for the healing process of somatic complaints. It also creates space for new experiences, insights and new qualities. Access to unused potential becomes available.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment can be understood as an overarching concept and is based on the assumption that not only the psyche influences the body - but also vice versa. The body is therefore not just a passive shell for the mind, but is actively involved in shaping our consciousness and our experiences.

At the same time, the term embodiment stands for the ability to contain certain qualities. Leadership embodiment, for example, aims to enable managers to embody relevant qualities such as authenticity, presence, stability, clarity and courage.

What does a Somatic Coaching process look like?

  • Wir sprechen über Ihre aktuellen Herausforderungen und deren Hintergründe
  • We define your goals and change requests and work on their implementation in a process-oriented manner
  • Through observation and touch, you will learn how your physical, emotional and mental reactions interact
  • You increase your body awareness and learn to let go of your limiting physical reactions
  • You empower yourself to apply these skills independently
  • Your stored energy is released and your body has more energy to recover and regenerate from illness and stress
  • You create space for new experiences, new qualities and changes in line with your goals
  • You learn to embody desired qualities and allow unused potential to be exploited
  • Together we will put together a training plan for you with exercises that will help you to keep your body as free as possible

Who is Somatic Coaching & Embodiment suitable for?

Somatic Coaching and Embodiment is for all people who feel the desire to face their challenges in a holistic way, to harmonize body and mind and to explore their unconscious, physical reactions.

People with a lot of responsibility and high pressure to succeed, such as the self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs, team leaders and managers, tend to lose touch with their own bodies and feel less at ease due to excessive stress.

For example, they suffer from

  • Exhaustion, excessive stress, burnout, depression
  • Disruptive behavior patterns, such as procrastinating or excessive brooding
  • Disorientation or indecisiveness
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the public
  • Perfectionism and excessive desire for control
  • Excessive sense of responsibility

Typical physical symptoms can be

  • Sensations of pressure, tension and muscle pain
  • Chronic neck pain and back pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Frequent headaches and migraines
  • Stomach cramps, reflux or irritable bowel syndrome

Why Somatic Coaching & Embodiment?

  • You learn to be more aware of your physical sensations and reactions, to interpret them and to let go of restrictive reactions
  • This reduces physical and emotional stress and gives the body the opportunity to recover
  • You develop greater mindfulness and presence in the here and now, allowing you more space and stillness in your mind
  • You gain space for new insights, thoughts and ideas and thus boost your innovative strength
  • You gain clarity and focus, can prioritize and work with concentration
  • You sense your “gut feeling” and make decisions intuitively and efficiently
  • You embody your values and qualities and increase your presence and authenticity