Transformative Bodywork 1:1

What is Transformative Bodywork?

Transformative bodywork works like coaching for the body and is therefore also known as somatic coaching. This body-centered form of therapy aims to improve somatic complaints as well as the personal development of the coachee. By consciously paying attention to physical sensations, deep insights can be gained and limiting patterns can be released. This can help to reduce stress and release emotional blockages and traumas. The body can recover and its self-healing powers are activated. In addition, positive changes in feeling, thinking and acting can be stimulated and dormant potential can be uncovered.

What does a Transformative Bodywork session look like?

  • We talk about your current challenges and, if applicable, the background to them
  • We record your change requests as a coaching goal
  • You learn to recognize your own physical and associated emotional and mental patterns
  • We increase your own body awareness through observation and touch
  • I train with you through observation and touch how you can let go of these limiting patterns
  • Your held energies are released
  • Your body has more energy and can recover and regenerate
  • You create space for life changes and can tap into unused potential

Who is Transformative Bodywork suitable for?

Transformative Bodywork is suitable for people with limiting stress of any kind. These can be of a physical, mental and/or emotional nature, e.g.

  • Exhaustion, excessive stress, burnout, depression
  • Disruptive behavior patterns, such as procrastinating or excessive brooding
  • Disorientation or indecisiveness
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Trauma and anxiety
  • any form of physical discomfort, e.g. migraine, tension, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, heartburn, sleep disorders, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, tendonitis
  • Other psychosomatic complaints

Why bodywork?

We make every experience in life with our entire being, i.e. with our mind and body in equal measure. Every single cell in our body contains the memory of past experiences, our own and transgenerational, as well as our very own intelligence to keep us healthy and to heal us. This is why it sometimes happens that you have understood a problem on the cognitive level, i.e. with your mind, and know the solution - but cannot embody it because it has not yet been solved on the somatic level. So whatever is bothering or disturbing you has an impact on your entire system, which is why somatic attention can be useful, because

  • Body, mind and soul are always connected with each other
  • Emotional stress can trigger physical complaints - and vice versa
  • Emotional stress can be alleviated and healed through the body - and vice versa