Transformative Bodywork

What is Somatic coaching?

Somatic coaching is a coaching for the body and can also be called bodywork. This body-centered form of therapy aims to improve somatic complaints as well as the personal development of the coachee;

Through observation, we identify automated physical and associated emotional and mental processes, which we define as patterns;

By consciously paying attention to these patterns, the coachee is able to recognize them and let them go with the support of my touch; Using specific forms of touch, I bring focus to the areas of the body that we have defined as belonging to the pattern.

Letting go of patterns helps to reduce stress and release emotional blockages and traumas. Emotions that have been suppressed due to subconscious survival strategies can be allowed and processed. The body can activate its self-healing powers and recover. In addition, positive changes in feeling, thinking and acting can be stimulated and dormant potential can be uncovered.

What does a somatic coaching process look like?

  • We talk about your current challenges and the background to them
  • We define your goals and change requests and work on the implementation in a process-oriented manner
  • You learn how your physical, emotional and mental patterns interact
  • Through observation and touch, you learn to actively let go of your limiting patterns
  • Together we train your body awareness to recognize and let go of limiting patterns and empower you to apply these skills independently in your everyday life
  • Your stored energy is released and your body has more energy to recover and regenerate from illness, stress and trauma
  • You create space for new experiences, new qualities and life changes and can tap into unused potential

Who is somatic coaching suitable for?

Somatic Coaching is suitable for people with limiting stress of any kind. These can be of a physical, mental and/or emotional nature, e.g.

  • Exhaustion, excessive stress, burnout, depression
  • Disruptive behavior patterns, such as procrastinating or excessive brooding
  • Disorientation or indecisiveness
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Trauma, fears and panic
  • any form of physical discomfort, e.g. migraine, tension, back pain, slipped discs, neurodermatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive problems, heartburn, sleep disorders, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, tendonitis
  • Other psychosomatic complaints

Why bodywork?

You make every experience in your life with your entire being, i.e. with your mind and body in equal measure. Every single cell in your body contains the memory of past experiences, both your own and transgenerational ones.

If these experiences are overwhelming for you at the time you experience them, you develop subconscious strategies to deal with them. Physical patterns are formed that help you to endure, persevere, control or not feel something for the moment or the period of overload. Your nervous system feels threatened and looks for strategies to survive.

These patterns often develop in childhood and adolescence and remain with us into adulthood. Even if we have outgrown the excessive demands, the pattern continues to be reeled off, even though it no longer serves us.

Self-damaging beliefs and limiting beliefs also have a physical expression that enables you or your subconscious to hold on to them even though they limit you.

So it can happen that you have grasped a problem on a cognitive level and know the solution - but cannot embody it because your body is still stuck in the old pattern.

On the other hand, our body has an innate intelligence and the ability to keep us healthy and heal us - that's what it's designed to do. This healing ability can be fully utilized when the body is as free of stress as possible.

So whatever is bothering or disturbing you has an impact on your entire system, which is why Transformative Bodywork can be useful, because

  • Body, mind and soul are always connected with each other
  • Emotional strain and prolonged stress trigger the development of physical patterns
  • Mental and emotional limitations also manifest themselves in a physical pattern
  • Physical complaints can be alleviated and healed more quickly if the body is as free as possible from stress