Hallo ich bin Cini,
Somatischer Coach und Therapeutin

About me

People I meet for the first time often ask me: "Is your name really Cinderella?" Yes, I actually do. Together with my son, I live in Berlin, the city in whose heart I was born and grew up.

I have often been told that I am a very good listener and that I have a calm, clear and confidence-inspiring quality. I suppose I owe these skills to my childhood and youth in the Kreuzberg restaurant trade. From a young age, I overheard many stories from the guests of my mother, who ran a bar and restaurant in Kreuzberg. The guests would pour their hearts out at the bar while I sat next to them doing my homework.

In my later professional life in the Berlin techno business as a bartender in the Watergate Club and as a DJ booker for Mobilee Records or in my press, personnel and production jobs for creative agencies such as Flora&Fauna, Tempomedia or High Res! I always had a lot to do with creative people.

When I look back on the many different stages in my life today, I realize that I have always enjoyed listening to people, advising them and working with them to find solutions. So becoming a therapist and coach was a natural step for me.


I have long been fascinated by the holistic view of the human being that underlies alternative and Far Eastern medicine. For me, body, mind and soul form an inseparable unit in which everything interacts and is mutually dependent.

Bodywork, especially Transformative Bodywork, inspired me from my very first session. As a long time rather top-heavy and analytical type, the direct experience with my own body has brought me "home" in a short time to a part of myself that I had neglected for a long time. For the first time, I was able to feel myself as a unit and release hidden energies and potentials in order to recover from old wounds and gain strength and self-confidence for new paths. I wish every person this experience and would like to enable and pass it on to you as your coach.

I firmly believe that it is possible for everyone to reach their full potential. If everything is allowed to flow, if the flow is right, then the magic of life can take over and give us wings.

With the founding of Free The Qi! together with my long-time friend and colleague Johannes Braun, my heart's desire has been fulfilled: the combination of Body, Mind & Soul as a revolutionary approach to therapy and coaching.

From my own experience, I know how powerful the interplay of body, mind and soul is for the healing process and coaching success and how much potential lies hidden within us, just waiting to be awakened.


About my work

My passion and expertise lies in therapeutic work with the body. As a somatic coach and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I offer various methods that focus on the body.

The training in Transformative Bodywork with Sophie Kinkel allows me to train you in body awareness and empower you to recognise and let go of limiting patterns on your own.

Through training in the Trauma Buster Technique at Rehana Webster we can work on your traumas effectively and sustainably - without sending you into lengthy, re-traumatising processes.

I learned general coaching basics and the client-centred approach of Carl Rogers, which is very important to me, in my training for coaching and personal development at the Heilpraktikerschule arche medica and became trained as a systemic coach.

With my healing licence as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy from the Berlin Health Authority, I can and may accompany you psychotherapeutically and support you with my knowledge of mental health;

Curious as I am, I like to keep learning, educate myself and bring fresh knowledge to my sessions. The collaboration in my coaching sessions always takes place at eye level, with respect, calm, clarity and humour.

Let's realise your potential together!

„Like a sun in the sky. Spread your wings, fly. We’re going high!“ (Little Simz)


What my coachees say