What the f*** is Qi!?

Qi (pronounced "chi") means Life energy, also known as Prana. Some also write Qi with Ch(i) – but we prefer to be classy and stay with the traditional Qi with Q.

If the Qi is blocked, you feel emotionally or mentally stuck or have physical complaints. However, if the Qi can flow freely, then you feel alive, healthy, creative and free. Life is no longer a hamster wheel, but an adventure with unlimited possibilities.

Free the Qi! – and the rest will follow!

Hello, we are Cini & Johannes

And together we are Free The Qi! We are connected by our home Berlin, a longtime friendship, many danced nights on the dancefloors of this city, being parents and above all: life breaks and a turning point in our biographies, which we successfully transformed into a new life direction towards lightness, abundance and joy.

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We’ve been there and we walk the talk

We know that Body, Mind & Soul always work as one and that the search for lightness doesn't have to feel hard. That's why we combine mental coaching with bodywork and give you self-empowering tools that are easy to integrate into everyday life and are fun to do.


We have a dream

Our mission is mental health self-empowerment. Every person should be able to take charge of their own health and personal well-being independently and self-efficiently. We offer inspiration and tangible support to get out of the #stuckstate and into a free and self-empowered life.

Unsere Vision ist nichts Geringeres, als die Welt zu einem besseren Ort zu machen. Wir sind überzeugt davon, dass unsere Gesellschaft von jedem einzelnen Wesen profitiert, das sich gesund, zufrieden und glücklich fühlt und wir nur gemeinsam als Team Human unsere globalen Herausforderungen meistern können. Denn „Healed people heal people“ und „Nobody is healed until everybody is healed“.

Next steps

We look forward to getting to know you in a personal meeting and finding out whether and how we can support you. Afterwards, we will be happy to advise you in more detail and then embark together on the journey of a long-term collaboration.

1. 15 minutes introduction meeting
2. 45 minutes consultation
3. long-term collaboration