Hi I'm Johannes, systemic coach and therapist

About me

As a systemic coach and psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner, I offer my clients a wide range of help, clarification and support services, which I underpin with the authentic experiences of my own life.

Born in Berlin in 1975, one of my formative childhood and youth experiences was growing up in a Christian fundamentalist sect. This toxic environment left lasting traces in me, which I learnt about during many years of psychotherapy with Dr. Kai Rugenstein, which later became the basis for my current professional development as a coach and therapist.

After leaving the sect in 1996, I turned my love of music into a career. Es folgte eine fast drei Jahrzehnte währende Tätigkeit in der Kreativwirtschaft als DJ, Mitbegründer des Berliner Clubs Watergate und als Tourmanager für international erfolgreiche Bands und DJs wie Booka Shade und Tiga.


2018 habe ich mich entschlossen, meine beruflichen Erfahrungen mit einer Ausbildung zum systemischen Coach und NLP Practitioner bei meinen Trainerinnen Nadja Hapke und Sandra Kaul zu unterfüttern, um mein strukturelles Wissen und meine Erfahrungen gezielt an Menschen, die in der Kreativwirtschaft arbeiten, weitergeben zu können.

But it was above all the many years of dealing with my own depressive illness and healing from it that subsequently prompted me to train as a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner at the arche medica, which I successfully completed in October 2020 with the official examination by the Berlin Health Department.

In 2022, together with my business partner Cinderella Baksa-Soós, I launched Free The Qi! Studio, where we combine mental and somatic coaching in our premises in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and thus offer our clients a booster on their way to their full potential with our joint work.

On my life's journey, I was able to learn from and with myself how great our potential for healing and self-empowerment is, a process that makes me deeply happy and is far from over.


About my work

I am happy to offer you my knowledge and experience to help you maintain a balance between creative chaos, economic challenges and mental health:

I will meet you where you are in life. Always full of respect and attentiveness, always at eye level.

As a systemic coach and NLP practitioner, I can work with you to develop new perspectives on your life situation, recognise existing resources, as well as bring existing knowledge and emotions from the subconscious to the surface in order to actively use them to anchor new insights and ideas deep within you.

My knowledge as a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner allows me to embark with you on a profound search for beliefs and patterns in order to work on them with you, but also to impart knowledge and show you possibilities that can help you to cope with everyday life in concrete crises.

The basis of my approach is my humanistic view of man, which is reflected in the application person-centred conversational psychotherapy according to Carl R. Rogers in the work with my clients. Accordingly, I work with a resource-oriented approach in order to use this focus to promote your self-healing powers towards self-realisation, towards experiencing your wholeness and your full potential.

My life path, my personal experiences and skills and my resulting authentic attitude enable me to create and hold a space for you in which you can discover emotions, express thoughts and juggle ideas without judgement;

As a result of these processes, you will be able to find new ways to realise and live your potential better than before, because my goal is and always has been to make things better; With you and for you!

Let's push things forward! (The Streets)

What my coachees say