FTQ! Modules

(Coaching + Bodywork)

With our unique Free The Qi! modules, we combine mental and somatic coaching and thus connect the mental and physical levels. This enables our coachees to achieve their goals more effectively and sustainably than with conventional programs that only focus on individual levels.

The sessions always take place alternately, so that a mental coaching session is followed by a bodywork session. An interdisciplinary exchange takes place in between. This means that we coaches exchange ideas and bring the findings of the last coaching session into the next session;

As a result, we work sustainably and efficiently to help our coachees achieve their goals, both on a mental and somatic level at the same time;

In order to meet the individual needs of our coachees, we have developed 3 modules which we would like to present here:

Fast Focus: To efficiently solve ONE problem (6 weeks)

Is there this one thing that is limiting you, keeping you down, annoying you, causing you problems? Then let's work on this one challenge in a targeted and focused way so that you can achieve your goals unhindered.

  • 3 sessions mental coaching
  • 3 sessions bodywork
  • 1 appointment per week over 6 weeks
  • interdisciplinary exchange
  • Full offer overview and price in PDF Download

Powerful YOU: Intensive training for sustainable transformation (3 months)

Do you want to remove fundamental obstacles in your life in order to reach your full potential? Do you want to take time for reflection and acquire new ways of thinking and behaving? Then an intensive and long-term collaboration is just right for you to achieve lasting changes in your life.

  • 12 sessions of mental coaching
  • 12 sessions bodywork
  • 2 appointments per week over 3 months
  • interdisciplinary exchange
  • Reflection tasks
  • Value analysis
  • Belief work
  • Bodywork training plan
  • Support via chat group
  • Full offer overview and price in PDF Download

Tailored Track: Individual support in challenging phases of life (time tbd)

We will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a suitable module that meets both your desire for change and your time constraints.

  • individual number of mental coaching sessions
  • individual number of bodywork sessions
  • individual appointments per week
  • interdisciplinary exchange
  • additional services by arrangement
  • Full offer overview and price in PDF Download