Prices and terms


Mental Coaching

90 min | 225,- Euro (net)


Somatic Coaching

First session: 90 min | 225,- Euro (net)

Follow-up session: 60 min | 150,- Euro (net)


Workshops and Presentations

Prices on request




60 min | 100,- Euro (VAT free)


Transformative Bodywork

First session: 90 min | 150,- Euro (VAT free)

Follow-up session: 60 min | 100,- Euro (VAT free)


Energy & Trauma Tapping

60 min | 100,- Euro (VAT free)

What we need from you

Teamwork makes the dream work. For a successful collaboration, we need the following commitment from you:

  • willingness to change
  • Willingness to cooperate and participate in the process
  • Regular and binding attendance of agreed appointments
  • Health clarification of blood and hormone levels is an advantage
  • Notification of any health-related changes
  • Honest feedback on the process

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Free The Qi! Community Service

More and more people are looking for therapeutic support. But the practices are full and waiting times for therapy places in Berlin are 5 months on average. At the same time, the cost of living is rising, money is tight and private healthcare services are on the back burner for financial reasons.

That's why we decided to launch the Free The Qi! Community Service. We want to offer short-term, bridging coaching support to people who do not currently have the financial means to pay for private services.

Every week, we keep two appointment slots free for people who we coach free of charge. One appointment is reserved for mental coaching, one appointment is reserved for somatic coaching.

The person receives 3 sessions of mental coaching and 3 sessions of somatic coaching alternately over three weeks. This allows us to accept 1 new community client per month.

In return for the energy exchange and good karma, we would like a donation to a non-political, non-profit organization of your choice. You pay as much as you can to the organization yourself.

Prerequisites for participation:

  • 15 min. Initial consultation to clarify the situation
  • completed Free The Qi! medical history form
  • willingness to change and cooperate
  • reliability in keeping our appointments
  • donation payment

We are delighted to be able to offer the Free The Qi! Community Service - a special free of charge support in these challenging times.

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