What is Transformative Bodywork?

Transformative Bodywork works like coaching for the body (somatic coaching).

• For people with limiting stresses of any form, physical, mental and/or emotional.
• For example, pain, work overload, exhaustion, burnout, grief, rumination, and much more.
• Increasing one's own body awareness through observation and touch
• Recognizing patterns of thoughts, feelings and physical expression
• Lernen, das Muster los zu lassen, zum Beispiel durch bewusstes Atmen, Anspannen und Entspannen
• Release energy, unfold self-healing potentials and make room for life changes

Whom is Transformative Bodywork suitable for?

My sessions are for people with all kinds of ailments, including:

• Exhaustion, excessive stress, burnout
• Disruptive behavioral patterns
• Lack of orientation
• Lack of self-confidence
• Trauma and anxiety
• Depression
• Physical ailments

Why Transformative Bodywork?

Often mental health is considered in isolation from the body. Today we know the importance of a holistic approach that involves body, mind and psyche equally in maintaining and restoring our health.

• Body, mind, and psyche are connected with each other
• Mental complaints can trigger physical complaints – and vice versa
• Psychological complaints can be alleviated and healed via the body – and vice versa