Transformative Bodywork Coach

About me

People I meet for the first time often ask me, "Is your name really Cinderella?" Yes, It really is. Together with my son, I live in Berlin, the city where I was born and raised.

I have often been told that I am a very good listener and that a calm, clear and confidence-inspiring quality emanates from me. I suppose I owe these skills to my childhood and youth in the Kreuzberg restaurant business. Even at a young age, I overheard many stories from my mother's restaurant and bar patrons, who poured out their hearts at the counter.

Also in my later career in Berlin's nightlife, whether as a barkeeper at Watergate or ("behind the scenes") in DJ booking, I always had a lot to do with people. Just like when I dived into the agency world after my studies in business communication and worked there in press and personnel work.

When I look back today on the many different jobs in my life, I realize that I have always enjoyed counseling people and looking for solutions together with them. Therefore, the step to become a therapist and coach was obvious.

The holistic view of the human being, as it is based on alternative and eastern medicine, has accompanied me for a long time. For me, body, mind, and soul form an inseparable unit, in which everything plays together and is mutually dependent.

Bodywork inspired me from the first encounter. As a rather mind-oriented, analytical type, the experience with the body brought me "home" in a short time to a part of myself that I had neglected. I was able to feel myself as a unit for the first time and release hidden energies to unfold. I wish this experience for every person and would like to make it possible and pass it on.

Ich glaube fest daran, dass es für jeden Menschen möglich ist, in sein volles Potential zu kommen. Wenn alles fließen darf, wenn der Flow stimmt, dann kann die Magie des Lebens übernehmen und uns Flügel verleihen.

With the founding of Free The Qi! together with my colleague Johannes Braun, a wish of my heart is fulfilled: The connection of Body, Mind & Soul as a revolutionary therapy and coaching approach.

Aus eigener Erfahrung weiß ich, wie kraftvoll das Zusammenspiel von Körper, Verstand und Seele für den Coaching-Erfolg und den Heilungsprozess ist und wie viel (Selbstheilungs-)Potenzial in uns verborgen liegt, dass darauf wartet, geweckt zu werden.

About my work

My passion and expertise lies in therapeutic work with the body. Here I offer as a Transformative Bodywork Coach and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy various methods that involve the body.

The training in Transformative Bodywork with Sophie Kinkel allows me to train you in your body awareness and empower you to let go of limiting patterns on your own.

Through training in Trauma Buster Technique with Rehana Webster we can work on your traumas effectively and sustainably - without sending you into long, re-traumatizing processes.

I learned and deepened general coaching basics and the client-centered approach of Carl Rogers, which is very important to me, at the alternative medicine school arche medica .

Qua my healing license as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and I can and may accompany you psychotherapeutically and stand by you with my knowledge of mental health.

Curious as I am, I like to keep learning, educating myself and bringing fresh knowledge into my sessions.

Die Zusammenarbeit in meinen Coachings geschieht immer auf Augenhöhe, wertschätzend, mit Ruhe, Klarheit und Humor. 

Lass uns zusammen Dein Potenzial heben!

„Spread your wings fly, we’re going high!“ (Little Simz)