What is mental coaching?

Mental coaching means that I listen to you carefully and mirror your mental processes and patterns:

• I open and hold spaces for you, where you are allowed to be, I listen to you and mirror you and your patterns respectfully and empathically
• You will learn how your mental processes work and why "the thinker in you thinks and the prover proves it".
• You learn why emotions are suggestions, not set behavioral commands, and we train how to use this knowledge to your own advantage
• Together we create a mental toolbox and an instruction manual for you, with which you can proactively modulate your life: Sustainable, powerful and effective!

Whom is mental coaching suitable for?

With my service I address people with the need for realignment and transformation. Often a great pressure of suffering arises when the inner needs do not match the outer circumstances. This then manifests itself in symptoms such as:

• Exhaustion, excessive stress, burnout
• Disruptive behavioral patterns
• Lack of orientation
• Lack of self-confidence
• Trauma and anxiety
• Depression
• Somatic ailments

Why mental coaching?

Whether you are stuck in a creative, professional, or personal dead end or are looking for a way out of a stressful situation: I firmly believe that your greatest potential for self-healing and self-realization lies within yourself. And often it takes a break from the daily grind to realize exactly that. That's exactly why I'm available to you with my own experience, my expertise and my skills, in which I impart the knowledge and train the skills you need to be able to shape your life with self-empowerment again.