Your Body, Mind, & Soul Coaching for strong men in a weak phase


Learn here in this video how you can free yourself from your emotional hamster wheel and enjoy getting up in the morning again, sustainably, effectively and powerfully.

Hello strong man, are you feeling weak right now?

Do you have the feeling of being stuck and barely functioning? Are sleepless nights and back pain quite normal for you? And this constant pressure to get everything done, to master your job and to take care of your family, you know it only too well?  

But the more effort you make to do everything well and correctly, the more exhausted you are. You feel the burnout approaching or are even already in the middle of one and have no more desire for the day, the week, the year.

And you ask yourself: Do I have to spend my next years or even the rest of my life with this feeling?

Our answer to your question is: NO!

Your life doesn't have to feel hard.

It may also be easy.

The choice is in your hands!

Get out of the #stuckstate, back into the flow

We are Free The Qi! and we support men in a midlife crisis to get out of a frustrating #stuckstate, to get off the emotional hamster wheel and start the day with strength and confidence again in the morning.

With our unique coaching strategy, in which we combine our authentic experiences with our expertise, we combine mental coaching and bodywork. We give you effective, sustainable and powerful tools for body, mind and soul that can be easily integrated into your everyday life and bring you back into your flow!

Ready for Transformation?

With the unique combination of Mental Coaching and Transformative Bodywork, you will learn not only to understand your thoughts and emotions, but also to feel and embody them and to actively and sustainably shape your life in your best interest.


You will learn how emotions work and how you can actively modulate your emotional setting to your advantage.


You deepen your knowledge about the experience with the body. Your body recovers, your energy level increases and your self-healing powers are activated.


You will learn powerful and effective tools that you can easily integrate into your everyday life to transform yourself into your highest potential in the long term.

Next steps

We look forward to getting to know you in a personal meeting and finding out whether and how we can support you. Afterwards, we will be happy to advise you in more detail and then embark together on the journey of a long-term collaboration.

1. 15 minutes introduction meeting
2. 45 minutes consultation
3. long-term collaboration

This is what our coachees have to say

Jared, 45

I‘m grateful for my ongoing process with Johannes and Cini. Between them, they have have tremendous amount of life and work experience to see what is happening (in me) in my mind and how it reflects in my body, and vs.vs. They offer me concrete options on how I might reprogram my habitual thinking and emotional patterns to live in my highest, or at least higher potential. Our bodies and our minds are not separated and I value these two and their different approaches to the same outcome.

Paul, 34

Cini and Johannes allow you to enter into deep processes through the combination of spiritual work and somatic releasing/living and complement each other with a lot of experience and love for people. I felt very heard and seen with both of them. They have a great desire to exchange and explore, which made the sessions very lively for me. They are also just really nice people 🙂 Can highly recommend the exchange with them.

Sebastian, 46

Until now, I only knew coaching from a professional context. With Johannes I talked about very personal topics for the first time and gained very valuable insides and insights. Bodywork I did with Cini for the very first time and was very impressed how much positive change I could achieve with more body awareness. I was able to reach my goals quickly, really enjoyed it!

Yvonne, 44

My fast track to reverse a pull-back believe: Johannes‘ straight forward pointing out program and action items nourish an honest and healing process. Creating an atmosphere that allows different perspectives helps to reverse old beliefs and switch them into a powerful source for evolvement. Adding Cinderella’s body work rounds up the whole process and helps to feel the changes. To me it was a boost forward.

Tina, 48

I have done a lot of things. Coaching, therapy, mentoring, meditation, spiritual work... My insight was always: If you heal Mind & Soul, it becomes more sustainable. With Johannes and Cini I have experienced how powerful it becomes when you also add the physical level. Johannes provides the spiritual insight and releases the handbrake in the head. Then Cini solves the issues in the body and soul. One not only understands, one now literally embodies the new. This frees up space and triggers new processes, which are then taken to Johannes, worked on there, and then released even more deeply by Cini. It is like a dance. Or like a flight. You let go of more and more baggage, fly higher and higher, further and further, and internalize more and more how easy life can be.

Felix, 45

Before I met Cini & Johannes, I had been stuck in a dead-end situation for some time, feeling drained and having trouble sleeping, my head constantly rattling. The sessions helped me a lot to find focus again and get out of my deadlock. With John I was able to find a clear vision for my life again, with Cini I was able to find the rest and energy I needed to implement it. Absolutely recommendable!